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The system uses all-in-one smart POS devices. These devices can work offline but they automatically synchronise with the cloud once they detect internet connectivity The system is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which means our clients do not need a server to run the system because the database and services are hosted on the cloud. The system has a powerful web portal for analytics and reporting. This portal is accessible from anywhere in the world through a mobile phone or computer; which means that management can see the revenue inflows in real-time. Only those with access rights are given access to the portal. Setting up the system does not take one day. The system is integratable with LADS, such that payments will automatically hit the General Ledger once the synchronisation is complete. It can also be integrated with other accounting systems such as Sage Pastel, ProMun and SAP

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  • Market fees

  • Business license fees

  • On the go Sales
  • Spot fines

  • Door-to-door debt payments
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  • Mobile Receipting System installed on portable hand-held POS machines such as these.
  • Works offline so network is not an issue =>automatic synchronisation once it detects internet connectivity
  • Long battery life; electricity supply not an issue
  • Ability to print receipts, and reports makes it a versatile all-in-one solution
  • Portable =>no need to carry too many devices
  • Cost effective => investment in one gadget
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    On field Mobile APP

  • Capture receipts for payments made
  • Captures both non-account receipts for clients who do not have registered accounts with you and account receipts for your clients who have accounts with you
  • The system validates your client’s account number by checking its existence in your underlining accounting system
  • Each transaction is geo-referenced so that reports can show where the majority of the transactions are taking place
  • Web Portal

  • Configurations such as accounts creation, user set up, vote set up (e.g. fine fees, market fees, license fees) etc
  • Management reports and business analytics
  • Cash-up reports e.g. revenue by agent, revenue by vote, revenue by time period and by date
  • Benefits

  • An affordable, portable and usable solution
  • Versatile solution which works in the absence of electricity and network,
  • User-friendly solution that does not require detailed trainings,
  • Data is stored on the cloud hence analysis can be done from anywhere by management
  • Sustainability
  • Increased revenue collection efficiency due to transparency and effectiveness of the solution,
  • No heavy investment in unnecessary hardware => you don’t need a server or computers to run the system,
  • Guaranteed after sales support, institutional memory and vendor availability since the solution is offered by a local university

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