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ERP Modules

Online Portal

This module will enable local authorities to avail several functions online. The module will allow clients to pay their bills online, check statements and account balances, receive any correspondences, create and manage payment plans and so on..

Artisans & Craftsman Management

This module will enable councils to register and people such as builders, plumbers, and other craftsman in their area of authority. This module will be useful during building inspections of each stage of building development to check if the responsible builder is registered with the local authority.

SMS platform for bulky SMS

This module will be integrated with several modules such as payment plans, leases, waiting list and business licenses so as to send reminders accordingly. It will be used for notifying clients at configured times. It will enable local authorities to send ad hoc bulky SMSs to their clients.

Communal Household Management

This module will facilitate council-client relationship. It will allow local authorities to capture residents that are living on each househoused in the communal areas. This will help the local authorities and tracking the paying of taxes of each household over a period of time.

Community & Social services management

This module will enable local authorities to manage public, and non-profit community and social service organizations' activities. it will help in monitoring community development activities and projects and it also helps in relationship building, community outreach and community leadership with residents.


This module will enable local authorities to to electronically file their documents. It will also track the movement of files from one department to the other. The module will capture the profile of each council such as wards, villages, chiefs, councilors etc.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

This module will be used to store, manipulate,analyze, manage and present all types of geographical data. This module will be integrated with the properties database and transpose the properties onto a geographical map for better analysis. Several layers which portray different aspects will be availed.

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The centre offers full time conventional courses for advanced training in the Tool Engineering, CNC Technology, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Circuit Board manufacturing and Programmable Logic Controllers to interested individuals and the corporate world. The following list of short courses is a few of the customised courses that are tailor-made for com-petence development of various Industrial person-nel.

Eng L Masiyazi

Director of TTLC


The TC has two distinct and complimentary cen-tres of excellence, which are the Technical Train-ing Unit and the Production Unit. The Technical Training Unit links all academic departments in order to provide tailor-made pro-grammes and customised short courses responsive to industry’s needs. The Production Unit brings workshops and labor-atories of all academic units together in an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach to enhance research & development as well as max-imising on production orders from industry and commerce.

Dr Eng Talon Garikayi

Pro Vice Chancellor of Research Innovation and Commercialization


The Technology Centre (TC) is a strategic unit of Harare Institute of Technology that was set up to promote (the development of) manufacturing ac-tivities from various academic units within the Institute as well as attending production orders from industry and commerce. Its other mandate is to give competence develop-ment training in technical and management cours-es to industry, commerce as well as the Small to Medium Enterprises Sector (SMEs). The TC also pro-motes school-wide inter-departmental convergence that leads to estab-lishment of various research groups in a interdis-ciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach.

Dr Eng QC Kamunhukamwe

Vice Chancellor HIT

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