ERP Modules

ERP Modules

Asset Management

This module will track council assets. It will automatically calculate net book value and depreciation. It will produce an asset register. The module will post to the final accounts.

Stores & Inventory Management

This module will enable councils to track its inventory.It will facilitate receipt and dispatch of stock. The tracking will be per project as well as per department.

Lease Management

This module will have the ability to capture andregister lease details and generate lease documents per property. It will also track the validity of each lease and flag expired leases.

Customer Relationship Management

This module enable councils to perform the following: 1.track debtors. 2.Facilitate the creation of payment until they are paid off. 3.It will be integrated with call centres for easy tracking of debtors correspondences. 4.Can send bulky notifications to debtors. 5.Easy integration with point of sale. 6.Management reports

Building Inspections Management

This module will enable local authorities to capture and manage all inspections outcomes done by council inspectors on each stage of the building process. The module also allows users to make bookings for inspections for various building types. When a building inspection is way overdue the system will automatically notify the system users and the person can rebook for the building inspection.

Stray Livestock Management

This module will enable local authorities to manage stray livestock.This module is commonly used by rural based local authorities to register stray livestock and monitor if their owners have claimed them or not.

Cemetery Management

The module will be used to capture and manage all cemetery land that.belongs to the local authorities. This module also helps local authority to know how much space is left on each cemetery site.

Fleet Management

This module will allow local authorities to monitor, control and manage the vehicles and other machinery that the local authority owns.

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