Digital Transformation Training 1 - Urban Councils

Digital Transformation Training 1 - Urban Councils

LADS Africa conducted a two-day training workshops for urban councils entitled Digital Transformation. This came after realizing that most councils are struggling to digitally transform their business operations due to lack of strategic understanding of the modalities involved in the digital transformation process.

This course therefore aimed to educate decision and policy makers on the available strategies best suited for the Zimbabwean environment. It was also in tandem with the government’s thrust to create a digital economy by 2030 as enshrined in the NDS1. This course equiped key decision makers with the necessary skills to strategically align their organizations with global trends as well as impart change management skills; so that they effectively manage the transition from old manual system to a digital system.

Attendance Summary

Number of Attendees
Town Clerk 6
FD 13
Town Secretary 5
Councillor 8
ICT Officer 23
Director of Housing 1
GT 1
Mayor 3
Consultant 1
Accountant 3
Health Director 1
Project Manager 1

The course is an on-going course which targets principal officers (Town Clerks & CEOs), top management and ICT officers. A HIT certificate will be awarded at the end hence a training fee will be charged per individual.

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